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By Greg Wolverton

Last Update 15 days ago

The GCACH members only community comprises four main areas.  

1. Main Navigation Bar

2. User Profile and Account Bar

3. Search

4. Notifications

Users with Admin privileges will have access to an Admin section in the main navigation area and is discussed in a different KB located HERE.

Main Navigation Bar

The main navigation bar is used for shortcuts to significant and often used links to additional parts of the community. Clicking on any of these links will load in the appropriate content.  For users with resource upload capabilities, a drop down allows instant access to be able to upload any required content.

User Profile and Account Bar

The user profile and account bar allows each user to update their profile, access account information, a personalized timeline of activities and quick access to all notifications and community forums.


The search icon allows you to search across the community for content that includes news, files, forum activity and other members. Simply click on the search "glass" icon and enter your search criteria and press enter.


The notifications icon will display a red dot or number to indicate you have new notifications.  Simply click the notify (bell) icon and all new notifications will be listed as well as a link to all notifications

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