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This KB examines each of the admin area of the Engage GCACH Community Portal.  Only those with admin access will be able to see the drop downs shown below.

In the main nav bar administrators will observe an extra admin drop down.  This is where admins manage the site, including adding/managing link, adding/managing members and their access, managing calendar events and news articles

A drop down will appear with a list of admin functions

Add New Link

To add a new link that will appear in the Quick Links on the Home page, click Add New Link in the drop down.

A new page will display to allow you to enter the Link Name (description) and Link Address (link URL).  Enter the information and click Add Link

Manage Events

Managing events are crucial to the overall communications of the community.  from the Admin drop down click on Manage Events

The events page will load and allows you to view Upcoming Events, Past Events and Add New

The events page allows for a significant amount of information and details along with the ability to add a file and images and is fairly self explanatory.  Enter the necessary information - and click Submit Event

 A note about the Location types - You can have a physical location or URL as with the case of a webinar or online meeting/event.  When you select the location type another field will display asking for more information.

Submit News Article

Submitting a news article is very similar to the above actions.  From the Admin drop down click on Submit news article

A screen will display for you to enter the title, description, images or attachment.  When complete, click Submit Post

Manage Resources

Select Manage Resources from the admin drop down

This area is perhaps the most resource and permission heavy that administrators need to pay close attention to the details. the details are very important in that what folder you place the information in, is what the member organization will have access to. For instance, ensure that you place info for Prosser ONLY into the Prosser folder.

Select the folder or sub-folder and simply drag and drop the files into place or use the Select Files button to open the explorer window.

Members Admin

The members admin allows to distinct selections.  The first selection is Members and this is to manage members and their roles/organizations, including adding and removing permissions.

Click on Members

The members will be listed on this page.  To add or remove permissions, select the user by clicking on the box next to the user name and, at the top select from the drop down Add Role or revoke role and click Add or Revoke.

Add a New User

To add a new user, from the Admin drop down hover over members and select Invite Member

A new page will display for email address and an optional message - Healthcare Communities sends out a welcome email after the user registers AND sends the community admins an email advising that a new user has registered.  This email also has a link to the above members page for the community admin(s) to address the appropriate roles or organizations.

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